Beer custom boxes for small breweries

As a result of the turbulent changes taking place in modern marketing, competitiveness is growing especially in the beer industry.
The size of the Europe Craft beer market was worth US$ 42.52 million in 2020, and it is estimated to reach a valuation of US $ 91,26 million by the end of 2025, registering an annual growth rate of above 11% between 2020 and 2025. Craft beer has become a huge trend. It has gained its popularity as consumers want to continue experimenting with different flavours of beer that increase the market value of the craft beer market. Small craft beer breweries face challenges, fighting for reputation among customers and finding its own space in this growing market. To be able to maintain flexibility and adapt to prevailing trends or requirements, small breweries can apply less radical changes. There are many solutions, but the less traditional and creative they are, the greater the possibility of getting noticed on the market. One of these actions is to create customized beer packaging with the company brand. The first impression is the most important. Customised beer packaging can become a way of expressing your brand and business ideals. The procedure for creating a customized beer packaging must correspond to your brand values. The use of customized beer packaging gives a sense of individual approach to each customer. In the end, your customised beer packaging is designed to stand out on the shelves!

Understand modern trends

Today's society is steeped in the desire to feel special and unconventional design and subtlety can cause this. As we can see in the Internet age, more and more often we come across photos or even short films in which the main role is played by the box! It is a reflection of the brand philosophy. When we create a customised beer packaging, we need to focus primarily on what we offer as a company. Our project must be original and simple in every detail. In the era of hyper-competition, we try to create packaging that is a different type of luxury than before. It must be based on the principles of uniqueness. The beer packaging is not only treated as a box that protects the product from its destruction. It plays a much larger role, being a showcase of what we offer as a small brewery. Let’s see together some great examples of customised beer packaging which breaks the mold.
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RAASTED ORGANIC – the botanical beer

Do you want to give your craft beer a more feminine look? Do you want to make it clear to your customer which is the peculiarity of your craft beer? You can use some illustrations and a pastel colour-palette to make your product stand out. The design for Raasted Organic utilizes a pastel colour-palette paired with feminine illustrations of vines and flowers to create a design that is inviting, fun, and approachable is a good inspiration.
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CARAVELLE – the modern geometric beer label

Are you an art enthusiast? Do you want to give your brand a more modern look? A geometric design is what fits your needs. This is what Caravelle, a restaurant located in Barcelona, has done. They decided to create a system of sleek, inventive, and unique beers with various patterns, lines, and geometric elements.
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DAD BEER – minimal look for father’s day

Do you want to think outside the box? This is what the brewer Best of Kin has surely done. The perfect gift for your Father’s day. The cans feature a white background with hand-drawn typography along with a doodle of a case of beer sitting atop a mini-fridge. The outer 6-pack carrier is equally sparse, and both the cans and the carrier provide an opportunity on Father’s Day for younglings to decorate and personalize the packaging.
These are some inspirations to think about when you’ll start designing your customised beer packaging. It shouldn’t be a copy and paste action. What you should do is to express your brand and your values and find something that will distinguish your customised beer packaging from your competitors. Don’t be shy!