How to sell more with colors - Applied NeuroMarketing

The truth is that every little detail can influence us in making a decision, even at a subconscious level. But color is not a 'little detail'; researches in Neuromarketing have been showing how the different printed colors in labels and packaging can make us say Yes or No to a particular product.

The power of colors

By definition color is the property of every object that reflects a particular frequency of light into our eyes. Different frequencies determine different colors. While evolving us humans have been learning how in nature every color corresponds to a particular danger or a particular edible plant, etc.
Today this can be used to our advantage in the making of our brand, and if You are looking to redefine your brand or the packaging and label of a particular product of yours, this is the right article for you. Let's determine how each color can be influencing our mind:
- Black: Black is the color of Power, Elegance and Luxury
- Blue: Blue is the color of Security, Trust and Tranquility
- Green: Green is the color of Health, Nature (Bio) and Wealth
- Orange: Orange is the color of Stimulation, Alertness and Attraction
- Pink: Pink is the color of Romance and Femininity
- Purple: Purple is the color of Royalty and Wisdom
- Red: Red is the color of Passion, Action, Desire and Danger
- Yellow: Yellow is the color of Creativity, Optimism and Playfullness
- Grey: Grey is the color of Neutrality, Balance, Neutrality
- White: White is the color of Light, Technology and Purity
Let's understand that this is a generalisation that has been observed by the majority of famous firms that exist today, in some cultures this colors may not reflect the aforementioned ideas; take for example white, that is known as a peaceful color in all countries apart from Japan, where it is the color of death. Be careful when choosing color to avoid dissonance between what you are trying to market and what is the real product.
Interesting to know is that the most liked color are blue (42% in men and 29% in women) and green (25% in men and 19% in women). This is probably because while evolving the most calming colors that gave us security where the one that we have seen the most : sky and nature.

Neuroscience + Marketing = Neuromarketing

The process of defining marketing strategies base on neuroscience results is called Neuromarketing.
It has been demonstrated that usually the elements that are triggered by this science are automatic since they are part of those unconscious decisions that we make. The studies have been showing results when the subjects received MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scans that defined which part of the brain respond to different kinds of stimulus. This stimulus have been categorised and can be used to the advantage not only by bigger famous companies, but also by small and medium sized brands.
This is a new field of science, but its research is in a continuos process. Probably You are already creating your content marketing strategy, but having in mind Neuromarketing techniques can dramatically improve you results.
One of this techniques is to understand how to retain an audience in both designing the graphic of your packaging, label and your content (your website, blog, social posts etc.). It has been proven that advertisement containing scientific information and hard facts was less appealing to the brain, especially while trying to make an impression to the customer that will last in its long-term memory.
Whereas advertisement that was built considering humor, emotions and everyday life situations performed better, with a greater influence in the long-term memory. Customer remembered much better the brand. That is why during the year you have seen some nonsense advertisement but that was emotionally appealing and funny. I am looking at You Panda Dairy Products.
Thank You for taking the time to read this article, I hope that You have now a better understanding of how color and Neuromarketing can influence your decision in creating your brand, packaging and labels.
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