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Your product label is full of information but do you still need to add some more? This is the right section for you, dedicated to custom hang tags with holes. 


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Custom tags with hole: the extra space to add information

Are you designing the packaging for your new products and are you looking for an economical but effective solution? Do you want to enter some additional information about your product? Oppaca offers you custom tags with hole, to offer your customers all the information they need to purchase.

You just need a few clicks to order custom tags tailored to your needs.

The tags with hole are ideal for bottles of wine, spirits, oil and for the clothing sector.

Rely on Oppaca to create custom tags with hole of the highest quality at affordable prices. What are you waiting for? Give shape to your ideas through a comfortable and reliable service! Print custom tags with hole online in just a few clicks.


Size and customization


On Oppaca you have the opportunity to print tags with a hole in the shape and size you prefer to achieve maximum customization.

All tags are customizable to your specific needs. You can select the shape you prefer, and choose between 4 types of materials and finishes.

All our custom tags are supplied with a hole but without an attached cord. All hole tags are customizable to your specific needs



You can choose between 4 types of different materials:

  • Glossy Coated Paper 350 gr
  • Matte Coated Paper 350 gr
  • Felt-marked Natural Paper 350 gr
  • Recycled Natural Paper 350 gr


Materials such as Glossy Coated paper 350g and  Matte Coated Paper 350g can be opaque or soft-touch laminated.

Once you have selected the options, you can consult the price in real-time, proceed with the order and upload up to 5 files ready for printing.

Easy right? Order your custom tags now. You will not be disappointed.