Printing Proof: adhesive labels

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The label printing proof is the right choice if you have some labels to print but you want to dispel some doubts about the graphics or the size first. Choose the printing proof that's right for you and buy it with a click!


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Label printing proof: prevention is better than cure

How many times did it happen to have a your final label design in your hand but not being sure about the final result? Do you have any doubts about the size of the label, the chosen color or the selected finishing? Don’t worry.

The label printing proof is the right product for you. If you have some labels to print and do not want to risk throwing the entire production away, we recommend you to select the label printing proof before it is too late.

You can select the substrate you prefer from those available, load up to 15 different graphics and proceed with the purchase. You will be asked to download a template in which you can insert your label to print. Remember to insert as many labels as you can in the template.

There are various types of printing proofs. The basic label printing proof includes colors printing and the final die-cutting. In this way you will be able to test the color rendering of your labels, so you can evaluate your graphics and test them on the product before proceeding with the final order. If, on the other hand, you also need to see a simulation of the finishing, you can select the thick glossy paint and / or the foil. If you select the foil, you will be asked to send us the file for an analysis on the feasibility of the mockup of the label to be printed. Try now!




With Oppaca you have the possibility to choose standard colours, reproduce the same Pantone you have already used on your label or you can even send us a colour sample to follow.
Furthermore, the customized capsule can be one-colour or two-colour according to your needs.



Numerous processes are available for your customized capsules that can be combined to obtain a WOW effect.

It is possible to create textures on the background of the customized capsule which has a very interesting tactile effect.

Dry relief on the head or the wall
You can choose to make a dry emboss with your logo both on the wall and on the head of the generic capsule.

Easy opening
You can request the creation of an easy opening particularly suitable for customized capsules for sparkling wines.

Hot foil on the head or the wall
The hot foil allows you to use the foil details of the label also on the capsule, creating a prestigious look.

Various types of painting are available that can be done in full or on some details of the capsule both with a matte or glossy finish.

Digital print
It is possible to insert some digitally printed details to further enrich the personalized capsule.