How to create a creative packaging for spirits? 5 case studies

The spirits industry is one of the most creative sectors when it comes to packaging. Since the market is very competitive, brands tend to develop packaging concepts for spirits that are able to capture the consumer's attention through unique and creative solutions!

We know that inspiration is often difficult to find. For this reason, in this article we offer you some creative packaging proposals for spirits and liqueurs created by companies of all kinds, from whiskey to vodka. Let's see them together!


KASC – Kinahan’s Whiskey

A creative and artistic example of whiskey packaging is the one proposed by the Irish brand Kinahan's Whiskey. The limited edition KASC ™ is in fact a pioneering project in which the bottle of whiskey becomes a real work of art.
For this first release, KASC ™ has collaborated with MARCANTONIO, one of the most iconic contemporary artists on the Italian scene, creating a unique and provocative version entitled "I'm OK". This creative packaging for spirits includes a unique bottle, in which a work of art has been set. Only a simple adhesive label and neck label have been placed on it to emphasize the central element of the packaging, the sculpture. That's a work of art!
Kasc Whiskey Packaging



CAPRISIUS – Limited Capri

Another very interesting creative packaging for spirits that sees gin as the protagonist is Caprisius, a project created by MAD13 creative room for the Limited Capri. Caprisius Special Edition was created to pay homage to the eternal symbol of Capri through a unique jewel bottle. To complete the packaging, a “double-sided” label was created to give a lens effect on a texture of the sea of Capri. This back label was printed on one side only, on HP Indigo digital with “sandwich” technique.
Caprisius Gin Packaging


Absolut is one of the most famous brands on the planet in the production of vodka. Despite its iconic bottle, it has recently launched a new art project related to its packaging. Absolut invited illustrators from all over the world to present illustrations related to seven cities: Singapore, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Istanbul, Brisbane, Auckland and Dubai. The winning designs were then printed on the limited edition tissue papers and used to wrap the Absolut bottles, which were sold in the city represented.
A creative packaging project for collectible vodka.
Absolut Vodka Packaging

Bulleit Bourbon

Bulleit Bourbon is a smooth bourbon whiskey from Kentucky known for its iconic bottle. To create a disruptive project, the company has thought, with the help of the ButterflyCannon agency, of a secondary packaging, reusable by the customer.
The solution was to create a custom  bag in which to pack the bottles, perfect for making crushed ice, an integral part of the making of Bulleit's recipe, The Bulleit Mint Julep. The bag features a magnetic closure to maintain the iconic bottle shape. The brand of the bottle is echoed in the layout of the screen-printed graphics of the bag and the embossed leather label.
The design is completed with a paper tag attached to the bag with a leather strap, which contains instructions on how to prepare a Kentucky Mint Julep. This creative packaging for spirits reflects the company's philosophy, kindly reminding the consumer to go and get another bottle!
Bourbon Packaging

IRPO – Distilleria Antonellis

Grappa is The Italian Spirit. In this sector the Antonellis Distillery is recognized by its innovative packaging, such as Irpo.
In the Osca language, a language used by the archaic populations of central Italy, IRPO means wolf and, according to legend, the Irpines chose this incredible animal as a symbol of strength, empathy and collaboration. This grappa packaging designed by Andrea Basile and Resistenza for Distilleria Antonellis, is the combination of creativity and territorial identity. What is striking is the preciousness of the packaging in all its components. From the label to the box, to the choice of glass bottle.
Irpo Grappa Packaging
In this article we have shown you some examples of the creative use of packaging for spirits. Obviously it is important to start from the identity of your company and find an element that allows your products to stand out in a unique and original way. Always get advice from your designer. His creative eye will be able to show you the best solution.
If you need support, do not hesitate to contact us, our Team will be happy to help you in creating a creative packaging for your spirits and liqueurs!