Metallic doming: how to embellish the print while containing costs

By combining thickened UV screen printing with hot stamping, we can obtain the metallic doming effect. It's a technique in which a resin is deposited on the label onto which a metallic foil is then attached. This printing technique allows you to ennoble those labels you want to give a premium appearance, giving them an elegant, precious and refined effect.
Metallic doming is not a new technique; it has existed for some time. However, it has never been too successful, especially in some sectors such as wine, where there was a tendency to prefer hot foil. In recent years, however, it has been re-evaluated. It has begun to be used, particularly in the cosmetic sector, and recently it has also been introduced among the processes performed by our team.

How does it work?

The metallic doming effect is obtained in two steps. First, the screen printing is performed, with which glue is applied to the label, after which a heated roller is used, coated with plastic material, which allows the foil to adhere to the glue. The passage of screen printing is essential since if it is not done precisely, the foil will also stick to all the gaps and small smudges due to screen printing.
This process uses special foils, which do not activate with heat but stick to the applied paint using the screen printing frame. The heat only softens the glue and makes the foil stick to it. As for the foil, there are different colour possibilities; however, the number of colours available is more limited than traditional foils.
Thanks to this particular technique, it is possible to create an effect very similar to the casting of molten metal; the resulting is of very high precision and brightness.

How can I use it?

This ennobling allows reproducing even very subtle details, in some cases more than foil and with its use, you always get a rounded effect, in relief, unlike hot stamping. Even with the traditional foil, this result can be achieved by choosing the foil and relief processing at the same time, which requires a brass punch, which has a much higher cost than a frame for metallic doming.
It can be used in various ways to enhance your labels: it can be applied to logos, phrases, names or any small detail of the graphic to illuminate and embellish it or obtain decorative embossed effects with a particular three-dimensional look.

The advantages

It is also an excellent solution to embellish your labels by giving them an elegant and premium look and containing printing costs. This is because it allows you to go at a higher speed in production, thus limiting costs since you partially save time. However, do not forget that it requires a screen printing frame and a special glue which have their own expense.

Well, our brief explanation of the metallic doming effect ends here. Remember, if you are interested in this particular process and want to know more or want to use it in your project, contact us with the following form. Until next time!