What are Mockups and what are used for?

Mockups, mockups and more mockups. You've probably heard of it before, but do you know what it is? If you are a graphic designer or the owner of a company, you should know because if you have a new project in mind, mockups are just the thing for you!
In this article, we want to explain what mockups are, how they work and why they are so important in communication. Well, after this premise, I'd say we can get started!

The term "mockup" comes from English and means "model" and can be defined as a simulation of reality, which allows you to have a clearer idea of the final result of a project under development. In short, a model was created for illustrative purposes and contextualized for an adequate understanding of the graphic product. We are talking about a visual product because it is used a lot in communication and graphic design to test the functionality of a new concept. Its applications can be very many, on a printed matter such as books, magazines, business cards, posters, etc., rather than packaging, websites or Apps.
Depending on the context, it can have multiple uses; it can be used to communicate projects or ideas, test a new layout or a new label, and create a new concept for an advertising campaign or qualitative market research. With the development of the web, its use has become increasingly widespread in the design phase as a less expensive alternative to the physical prototype.

Use of mockups in graphics

Mockups are a great way to make understanding your graphics more immediate. Creating mockups means giving life to an idea and creating a realistic preview, which shows the final result and clarifies to the customer how that graphic project can come to life once printed.
Furthermore, again in Graphic Design, a mockup allows you to test the versatility of a graphic on various media and show the potential of a work. For example, if we are faced with the study and the definition of a company's brand identity, the use of mockups is beneficial because it allows the client, but first of all the graphic designer, to understand what the effect will be of the logo once printed and applied on different supports.

How are mockups made?

Mockups are files containing one or more three-dimensional objects on which the desired graphics can be applied. Generally, these are .psd files, and they can be opened and worked with Photoshop and therefore made up of layers in which the surfaces of that object can be customized.
Thanks to Photoshop layers, once you have set up or downloaded your mockup, you can modify it repeatedly to test all the graphics at your disposal. You need to replace the graphics in the respective layer.

Why are mockups important?

The mockups allow contextualising the graphics; by doing so, the project is placed within a specific context, allowing for the correct interpretation. Thanks to mockups, the reading of the product becomes more apparent by the user, allowing it to be understood even by those who are not in the trade. In short, not too many explanations will be needed because the mockup will speak for itself.

If your goal is to convince the client of your new project, we recommend using mockups for your presentations! In fact, with this type of approach, you will appear much more professional in the eyes of the customer. And if you are the owner of a company and not a graphic designer, remember that using mockups will help you promote your product. You can rely on a professional to create one and impress with your next concept or advertising campaign.
Well, let's finish here for today, but if we have intrigued you, come back and visit us because, in the following articles, we will see how to create a mockup from scratch and customize it with your graphics. In the meantime, the Labelado team is at your disposal for any questions!