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Heat-sealable bags are the ideal solution to protect your product and at the same time ensure excellent visibility, especially if hung on the appropriate displays. You can choose to complete your custom flat bags with zipping and/or Euro holes.


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Heat sealable bags: visibility and design

Your company produces jewellery, biscuits or dried fruit and you need a packaging that represents you at the same time and allows your product to have great visibility at the same time? Heat sealable bags are the ideal solution for you.

The customized 3-seal custom flat bags are suitable for a wide range of products: from supplements to drugs, up to single-serving snacks, and sauces, even in single portions. They can be customized with resealable zip and/or Euro hole.

The main feature of this flexible packaging is the ability to maximize space and make it easy to display on store displays.

The addition of a zip allows the repeated consumption of the product. This will allow the customer to easily open and close the heat-sealable bag. In addition, the presence of a practical hole on the top allows you to easily hang the bag on displays.

All of our solutions are equipped with a default invitation to open to facilitate use.




The heat-sealable custom flat bags are available in 9 different materials perfect for your every need. The choice of material should not be taken lightly. The material can completely change the perception of the product and the brand.


Recyclable Transparent – PE / PE EVOH PE

If you are looking for an eco-friendly solution, choose our recyclable transparent material with a semi-matte finish that allows you to create a window to make the product visible inside.

This material is ideal if your brand shares the value of sustainability. It is 100% recyclable and eco-friendly as it is made of transparent monofilm with a semi-opaque finishing. The semi-matte texture makes the colour more natural. It has also an EVOH barrier.

In addition, its transparent finish is ideal if you want to make visible the contents inside the custom flat bag. Using selective opaque white it is possible to create transparent windows. The selective opaque white is a very opaque ink that is used as a base for other printed colours on a transparent material. The areas that will be left transparent must be free of selective opaque white. The selective opaque white must be present only on those areas of the flexible packaging that must be opaque and conceal the content inside.

Recyclable – PE / PE EVOH PE BL

For a green choice, opt for recyclable material, a 100% recyclable monofilm with a semi-matte finish and with an EVOH barrier.

Be careful though. If you are looking for a material that allows you to glimpse the contents of the heat-sealable bag this is not the right choice. Instead, opt for the Transparent Recyclable material.


Recyclable white paper – Paper / PE EVOH PE BL

Recyclable paper is the ideal material as it guarantees protection for your product thanks to the EVOH barrier but at the same time allows you to maintain a natural appearance, reducing the environmental impact.

However, if you choose the option with the zip, remember that this must be separated from the rest of the heat-sealable bag and the two components must be disposed of separately.


White Paper – Paper / ALU / PE

This type of material guarantees maximum protection from light, heat and oxygen thanks to the presence of an aluminium layer but without sacrificing the natural texture typical of paper.


Metallic – PET / ALU / PE

The shiny silver metallic material guarantees maximum protection and gives your product the "WOW" effect. It's great if you want to achieve a reflective, sparkly effect that will make your custom flat bags stand out on the shelf. You can choose to make the entire surface of the heat-sealable bag metallized or to select only some details thanks to the use of selective opaque white.


Matte transparent – PET / PE

This material combines the typical characteristics of a transparent material, which reveals the contents of the custom flat bag, with a matte satin finish and with EVOH barrier. It is ideal if you want to get an elegant look for your product while allowing the customer to view and appreciate the contents of the packaging.


Transparent glossy – PET / PE

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a material that at the same time allows you to obtain the greatest brilliance of colours and the possibility of showing your customer your fantastic product, the glossy transparent material is what is right for you. Use selective opaque white to conceal some areas and focus a lot on colors. You will see that you will get an explosive result. The material is protected with an EVOH barrier.


Matte white – PET / PE

Do you want to have a highly opaque and matte finish for your custom flat bags? The opaque white material is perfect for a satin heat-sealable bag with custom graphics. It has highly opaque with an EVOH barrier.


Glossy white – PET / PE

Choose the glossy white material if you want your custom flat bags to have vivid and bright colors thanks to the glossy effect. This material also has an EVOH barrier.

Size and finishings


Good graphics and the right material are not enough to create a custom flat bag with a winning appeal. You need to choose the right size. On Oppaca you have the opportunity to choose between 9 different sizes suitable for each of your products.

In addition, you can configure your heat-sealable bags with resealable zip, ideal for products with repeated use, and/or Euro-hole, perfect for displaying your product on displays.

The personalized digital printing on the entire surface of the heat-sealable bag (also on welds) also allows you to create up to 5 subjects at the same time. If you have more subjects to print, don't worry. You can always send us a request for a quote.