Marketing Ideas for Christmas. Why is customed packaging important?

Even if Christmas still seems far away, it will be a moment that we will find ourselves during coloured lights, Santa Clauses, and Christmas decorations. At the end of the year, the Christmas spirit is felt more and more, and the Christmas packages play their part.
The most magical and traditional month, as well as the ideal time to field a series of marketing activities, since in many cases it represents the moment of most excellent turnover for a company. For this reason knowing how to make the most of it is essential.
Many brands invest time and resources in marketing for Christmas. A well-organized project allows you to sell more, make yourself known to new customers and retain existing ones. The key is to find the best way to present your products this holiday season, adding a personal Christmas touch. Creating Christmas packaging with a unique and quality design is always an effective way to promote your business or make your brand or product known. Especially to medium-small firms, it becomes essential to stand out from the competition.
This article will find out the marketing for Christmas to get the best out of this holiday period. We will also understand why having personalised Christmas packaging makes the difference. Are you ready? Let's go!

Customized Christmas Packaging

Creating a Christmas packaging means arousing in the customer the curiosity to discard it to discover its content. During this holiday season, in particular, getting to the customers' hearts is the top priority. A packaging explicitly made for Christmas can make the customer feel special and represents a great way to thank him for the trust and build loyalty and entice him to take advantage of his products or services again.
We know that a product's packaging can influence the consumer's purchase decision, even if we are talking about the Christmas period. A Christmas packaging can attract consumers' attention and evoke the magical atmosphere that reigns in these weeks. It turns out to be a straightforward tool, but at the same time very effective for increasing sales and making your product stand out among the many personalised boxes of other brands.
More and more companies have begun to seize this opportunity to establish a bond with their customers, using this type of marketing for Christmas. Precisely for this reason, it is essential to keep up with your competitors; however, you need to know how to act to make the most of this period.
The simple fact of creating customized packages for the Christmas period adds value to the products and your brand. There are several advantages to creating personalized Christmas packaging; in fact, it helps to renew your brand's image and represent an opportunity to surprise your customers positively. Furthermore, it might seem trivial, but since the logo placed on the package will be continuously in the sight of many people, the Christmas packaging will allow you to make your brand known to a broad audience with minimal effort.
And if you want to amaze your customers, having an eye for sustainability, you can think of alternative ideas for creating sustainable packaging, for example, using recycled materials. The possibilities are so many; find the one that best suits you and your business. In addition, a beautiful gift box avoids waste, as those who receive it are more tempted to keep it for reuse rather than throw it away. This type of packaging can add value to your product, as it becomes an integral part of the offer. If aesthetically well designed, it can be considered a second product supplied with the original, as it can be reused over time.
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Limited Edition

Another of the marketing for Christmas that I wanted to offer you is the Limited Editions. Suppose you decide to produce personalised, unique and quality Christmas packaging. In that case, you can also think about focusing on the exclusivity of the offer and offering it in a limited edition, making it available only for this Christmas, for example. The advantage of exclusivity will make consumers grow the irrepressible desire to purchase that limited edition packaging. It's a product they perceive as rare, collectable, and unrepeatable, so with more excellent value. The hypothetical loss of this advantage creates confusion in the choice of purchase and pushes customers to an urgency that goes beyond the actual need.
A good example is Starbucks, with its limited-edition cups that it presents every year on the holidays. Compared to the classic product, the novelties such as the bright colours and the designs inspired by Christmas bring us back to the Christmas spirit, coming straight to the heart and immediately attracting our attention. In short, a move designed not only to build customer loyalty but also - and above all - to increase sales in this particular holiday period.

Telling a story, creating emotions

Storytelling is also one of the practical marketing for Christmas. Tell a story with your packaging; people like to hear stories. Storytelling works; we can assure you that it ultimately involves the consumer by making him feel emotions that give rise to memories, experiences, experiences, and feelings. It goes straight to the heart, making that brand memorable. It becomes even more effective and meaningful at a company level; disclosing to its customers what is and who is behind the brand, history, values, and people will establish a link between the brand and consumers, more than any other marketing strategy.
Especially during the holidays, the stories turn out to be much more potent than many other offers and discounts. They make us feel welcomed and pampered because they bring to mind the good Christmas memories of how little we were, they make us excited, and, consequently, they make us buy! They awaken the child who is deep inside each of us.

We have come to the end of this article. I want to conclude with one last piece of advice on this and these marketing for Christmas. Staying focused on some key points, including brand recognition, must always remain the most important aspect to follow. The packaging must know how to adapt to the brand's corporate image, even before the anniversary or holiday. As we said before, the use of Christmas-themed packages can represent an added value, but if you do not lose sight of the product’s identity and the brand above all in producing them.

I hope you enjoyed this article on marketing for Christmas! Suppose you are interested in the subject, in the following few articles. In that case, we will continue to talk about this magical period which is Christmas, and we will give you some tips on creating a customized Christmas packaging.
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