What is Brand Awareness?

Having a solid and reliable brand is essential to grow your business, and to get there, you need to reach different goals: to be known, remembered, and respected. So today, we will take a look at all the other aspects to consider to evolve a brand (your brand!) Into a recognisable phenomenon.

The term Brand Awareness indicates the level of awareness of a brand or the ability of consumers to recognise and remember that specific brand. Brand awareness creates that unique feeling every time a customer sees something that reminds them of it.
So often, advertisements, fonts or some particular colours trigger something in the consumer’s mind who, among many choices, can recognise your brand and prefer it to others who know less. That is one of the best ways to stand out from the competition.

Customer trust and reputation

A well-known brand is considered more credible by the consumer. The choice turns out to be easier because knowing it feels reassuring. Again, it seems minor, but through this mechanism, the perceived quality of a well-known brand is higher than one that is less so. The more competition there is, the more notoriety is essential! If the brand is little known, it will be much more difficult for it to be considered as a possible alternative at the time of purchase.
If your brand is recognizable, it means that you have done a great job of creating a "shortcut" in the minds of consumers. That creates awareness and drives customers to your door whenever they have a problem that they believe you can solve (and hopefully just you in a way).

Increasing awareness

But how can you make your brand unique? Or, how can the awareness of an existing brand be increased?
In an increasingly digital society, like ours, to do that, it is necessary to know the infinite dynamics of Web Marketing. Making your brand stand out from the competition is anything but easy, primarily online, where there are lots of competitors from which not everyone manages to emerge.
Nowadays, however, being present and knowing how to enhance your image online is essential. Giving the consumer the ability to find a specific business through search engines goes a long way in increasing their awareness as a brand. People trust Google; they know that it offers relevant and quality results. If you manage to position yourself among the first search results, the trust will also be transferred to the proposed brands.
Equally important are social media. They represent one of the best resources to use to increase the Brand Awareness of a brand. They are excellent allies for advertising campaigns, and they also allow you to establish direct contact with the consumer, and above all, to "know him ”Or rather, study it.

It takes time and patience...

When it comes to Brand Awareness, there is an essential element to understand and respect: time. Other well-known marketing strategies, such as more traditional online or offline advertising, can bring good results relatively quickly. Still, in this case, it is necessary to have a little more patience.
It is structured work that develops over several months or sometimes even years. Over time, however, the results obtained are decidedly more gratifying and lasting. For this reason, it is essential to start a "brand awareness strategy" with the proper perspective, one step at a time.

Building and increasing one's Brand Awareness is essential to ensure that one's business is booming; even if it requires time, constant effort and a lot of patience, I assure you it's worth it!
In the following article, we will see together 10 tips to increase brand awareness, which will help you put it in the spotlight and thus grow your business. It can be helpful and interesting for your business! So join the Oppaca Community and stay updated.