Why is the cosmetic label printing proof a great choice?

Choosing the perfect label for your cosmetic product is certainly not easy, especially if the only element on which to make your evaluations is a digital file. For this reason a printing proof is the right choice.
The cosmetic label printing proof allows you to touch a faithful reproduction of the label on the paper or plastic material that you will use in production and with future finishings. Let's see together what are the advantages of a cosmetic label printing proof.


Reduce testing costs

It's hard to understand what your customers want on the first try, experimenting is part of the process. But launching cpsmetic products on the market without first making sure of their functionality and visual impact is a mistake to avoid. A mockup or a cosmetic label printing proof can really save you life! It allows to reproduce at low costs what will be your final label. Having even just a single finished label will allow you to immediately understand if the dimensions are correct, if the colours of the label are the right ones etc.
Printing Proof

Find mistakes in your file

Graphic files are digital things that tend to be touched by several people before the final print; some problems could occur in the design phase, an invisible element on the file that should have appeared on the final cosmetic label, a hidden layer that magically disappears during the printing phase or an error in the evaluation of the size of your cosmetic label. Anything can happen! At that point, a cosmetic label printing proof will allow you to immediately see what elements are missing or difficult to read and promptly correct before printing.

Find the right color combinations

The other advantage of a printing proof or mockup for packaging is being able to make different color proofs and combinations, in order to be sure of the final result when printing; moreover, if your product line consists of elements such as changing tastes and fragrances, you will be able to find which color matches the most with each product. Color proofing is suitable for testing important items such as label backgrounds. Within the same printing proof you will be able to see the various shades of beige, cream backgrounds etc.

Test the extra finishings

Even in the case of extra finishings it will be possible to view the various results. For example with the hot foil it is possible to simulate various colors of foil or place it in various parts of the cosmetic label in order to choose the most suitable solution. The same goes for thick varnish or screen printing, which during the cosmetic label printing proof phase will allow it to be positioned on various elements (and on various colors).

Choose the right material

Let's not forget that in the cosmetic label printing proof phase you will have to choose the material or materials that will be used; do you want to see the difference between a matt coated paper and a natural paper? This is the right time to test a material before going to print in large quantities.
A cosmetic label printing proof is essential, especially if you are about to launch new cosmetic product on the market and want a selective test that allows you to quickly make an informed decision.
Our packaging experts will be happy to advise you on the most suitable way to carry out this cosmetic label printing proof, the advice is free! We are waiting for you!