What are the best packaging solutions for your artisan pasta?

Fresh pasta is one of the hallmarks of Italianness, especially abroad.
We are in fact known and very appreciated for our second courses all over the world. Walking through the aisles of the supermarket we can get lost among the countless boxes and packs of pasta of all kinds, so many that it is sometimes very difficult to distinguish a package of pasta from that of a competitor. And it is precisely at this point that the pasta packaging comes into play.
In the large amount of pasta packagings that are all the same, it is necessary to capture the attention of potential customers with a creative and unique but at the same time functional pasta package.
In this article we want to give you some ideas on how to pack your pasta in an original way. Let's see together the most common methods with which pasta is packaged.


Pasta, especially fresh pasta, is commonly placed in vacuum sealed trays in order to preserve its characteristics, preventing moisture.
Furthermore, the transparent film with which they are sealed allows the customer to easily see the contents of the package.
Many times, however, these trays, although very useful, turn out to be very boring and uninviting.
For this reason it is important to think of a creative way to place the information on the pasta packaging.
Enough of generic pasta labels on glossy paper, you have to think outside the box.
These labels can be replaced by cardboard strips with a shaped die that resembles the shape of the pasta, or that shows a colorful and minimal graphics.
Prova di stampa



The most common pasta packaging used especially for the dry one is certainly the cardboard box. Although it is a widely used method, making it non-trivial is not simple at all.
Prova di stampa
An interesting example of the creative use of this type of pasta packaging is the one proposed by the Russian agency Nikita for one of their clients. In this pasta packaging, every different shape of pasta is associated with women's hair, in a very funny way. In this way, a simple pasta box becomes a collectible design object.


Another very common type of pasta packaging is that one in bags. Bags are generally printed with very common and uninteresting graphics. A nice and cheap variant is definitely to close the bags with cardboard bag toppers with colored or minimal graphics. This type of pasta packaging is very ecological as it allows easy division between the various elements.
Prova di stampa
The pasta packaging that we have decided to show you are characterized by a very clean design and bright and “sunny” colors that recall nature and in particular the fields where the raw materials were grown. The common element is certainly the fact of showing the contents of the package to show the quality of the product. If you need help, don't hesitate to contact us.
Our team will be happy to support you!