Materia Viva Fedrigoni: when sustainability rhymes with quality

Being “green” and sustainable has become a priority for several brands and many consumers. Worldwide surveys have analysed how consumer demand is increasingly oriented towards companies that focus on sustainable products; therefore, it is important to take this path on sustainability, starting from the materials used.
In the world of packaging and graphics, the material used par excellence is paper. Paper has always been considered among the most circular materials, thanks to its high recyclability. However, getting a recycled material that meets the high-quality standards that luxury packaging and graphics demand is not that simple. Given the numerous requests, however, it has proved essential to produce materials capable of satisfying both the necessary sturdiness and resistance and excellent graphic rendering, as well as the principle of sustainability.
In this, Fedrigoni hit the mark. A leading group producing special papers and self-adhesive materials has recently presented a new line of high-quality, sustainable papers produced almost entirely with recycled material and natural fibres as alternatives to cellulose.
We are talking about Materia Viva, the latest collection proposed at the Packaging Premiére in Milan, held last October. These are nine particularly innovative families of precious and sustainable papers made with water, natural fibres and minerals.

Materia Viva. A living product. Matter.

The new range of fully or partially recycled papers takes inspiration and consistency from nature, hence the name of the Materia Viva line. Some proposals are new at Fedrigoni, while others are already presented in their offer since 1996, when they launched Freelife, the first series of special papers with quality recycling. However, before now, no paper had reached 100% recycled material; with Materia Viva, instead, they offer a series of papers whose composition varies from 20% up to 100% recycled material, depending on the model. In addition to recycled material, natural alternative fibres to cellulose have been used; such as hemp and cotton and where it is present, it comes exclusively from FSC® certified forests.
These papers "tell" through the image of a landscape the Nature to which they are inspired. They have been combined with each of them for the quality that distinguishes them. These are high-performance and innovative papers for the materials used and the sturdiness and resistance they can achieve. These qualities are difficult to obtain with a recycled product and meet any packaging or printing requirement, even higher quality.

The range of Materia Viva papers

Now, let's see together the nine families of special papers of the Materia Viva collection. Let's try to analyse them together to understand which is best suited to your project as a designer. Let's go!

# 1. Arena Eco

Linea is already present in the Fedrigoni catalogue but expanded by a version with 50% recycled material. It is a collection of natural white papers with a smooth surface, available in a single colour ( Extra White Smooth), in various weights (90 120 140 200 300 350), but in a single size (72x102). It is very versatile, on it you can print, draw and write.

# 2. Freelife

The family was already present in the catalogue and contains four different models, which vary in composition, based on the amount of recycled material contained, and in the available colours and weights available.
Freelife Oikos
Finely conceived (small quantities of visible fibres with different chromatic intensity from the background one). Made up of 50% recycled fibres and 50% pure ecological cellulose, FSC® certified. Available in a single color ( Extra White), in different weights (80 100 115 150 300) and 2 sizes (64x88 - 70x100).

Freelife Kendo
Finely conceived, it is obtained with 5% hemp fibres, 40% FSC® certified recycled fibres, and 55% FSC® certified ecological fibres. Available in a single colour ( White), in different weights (120 150 200 250 300), but a single size (70x100).

Freelife VellumComprises 55% FSC® certified fibres, 40% recycled fibres and 5% cotton fibres. Available in different colours ( Ivory, White, Premium White) and weights (100 120 140 215 260 320), but a single size (70x100).
Freelife Merida
Felt on both sides and coloured in the mass and obtained with 55% of pure FSC® certified ecological cellulose, 40% of recycled fibres and 5% of cotton fibres. Available in 9 colours ( Burgundy, Cream, Forest, Graphite, Indigo, Kraft, Ocher, Scarlet and White), in different weights (100 140 215 280 320) and a single size (70x100).

# 3. Freelife Cento

New entry in the Fedrigoni collection, in this innovative 100% recycled version. Premium Natural Paper with a smooth or rough finish depending on the model. Available in three versions:

Freelife Cento Extra White
Smooth, available in different weights (80 100 120 170 210 260 350) and sizes (64x88, 70x100, 72x102).

Freelife Cento Extra White Rough
Available in different weights (120 170 210 260 350) and a single size (70x100).

Freelife Cento Black Smooth
Available in different weights (120 170 210 260 350) and a single size (70x100).

# 4. Life

Simply natural, the Life line was already present in the Fedrigoni catalogue but is now updated with a recycled version up to 100%. Available in 2 models: 

Life Eco 100
Made up of 100% FSC® certified recycled content, available in a single colour ( White), in different weights (90 115 150 210 250 300 350) and a single size (72x102).

Composed of 80% recycled fibres and 20% pure ECF cellulose certified FSC®, available in a single colour ( White), in different weights (80 100 115 150 300) and a single size (70x100).

# 5. Old Mill Eco

Already present in the Fedrigoni offer is the ideal companion for your sustainable projects. Natural white paper characterised by an elegant surface marking on both sides, available in the version with 40% recycled content. One color ( White), different weights (100 130 190 250 300 350) and one size (72x101).   

# 6. Materica

Also already in the catalogue, it has become more tactile and soft. Natural white or coloured paper in body, composed of 25% pure ECF cellulose, 25% recycled material, 40% CTMP cellulose and 10% cotton fibres. Available in 16 different natural colours ( Aqua, Ardesia, Clay, Cobalt, Gesso, Kraft, Limestone, Pitch, Quarz, Rust, Terracotta, Terra Gialla, Terra Rossa, Verdigris), available in different weights (120 180 250 360) and a single format (72x102).

# 7. Woodstock

It was already in the collection. It is 80% recycled. Coloured in the mixture with lightfast pigments and with a smooth finish, it is available in 16 different colours ( Orange, Light Blue, Birch, White, Intense Blue, Suede, Powder, Yellow, Mauve, Black, Walnut, Pistachio, Pink, Red, Green) and various weights (80 110 140 170 225 260 285 350). One size (70x100).

# 8. Symbol Card Eco

Flexible and durable, with up to 100% recycled fibres content, the Symbol Card Eco ranges are the latest additions to the Materia Viva line. Available in 3 versions, we differ in the amount of recycled material contained and the type of coating. 

Symbol Card Eco 100
Card made with 100% recycled fibres and patinated in two layers on one side, with a satin finish. Available in a single colour ( Premium White), in only two weights (300 360) and two sizes (72x102 - 102x72).

Symbol Card Eco 50
50% recycled cardboard and two-ply coated on one side, satin finish. Available in a single colour ( Premium White), in 4 weights (210 240 300 360) and a single size (72x102).

Symbol Card Eco 100 2SC
100% recycled and coated cardstock with two-ply satin finish on both sides. Available in a single colour ( Premium White), in three weights (300 350 400) and a single size (72x102). 

# 9.  Symbol Freelife

Wide range of white papers with a surface coating and 40% minimum guaranteed to recycle content, also already part of the Fedrigoni catalogue. Available in different finishes.

Symbol Freelife E/E
With a satin finish on both sides, tripatinate and embossed, it is available in two embossings ( E / E08 Tela Fine, E / E33 Raster) and different weights (130 170 200 250). One size (70x100) for all weights.

Symbol Freelife Gloss
Tripatinate on both sides with Gloss finish. Available in one color ( Premium White), in many weights (90 100 115 130 150 170 200 250 300 350 400) and in two sizes (64x88 - 70x100).

Symbol Freelife Matt Plus
Tripatinate on both sides with Gloss finish. Available in one colour ( Premium White), in many weights (115 130 150 170 200 250 300 350) and two sizes (64x88 - 70x100).

Symbol Freelife Pearl
Tripatinated on both sides with a pearlescent finish. Available in a single colour ( Ice), in several weights (150 170 200 250 300) and a single size (70x100). 

Symbol Freelife Satin
Tripatinate on both sides with Satin finish. Available in one color ( Premium White), in many weights (90 100 115 130 150 170 200 250 300 350 400) and in two sizes (64x88 - 70x100).

With the latter, we end the range of Materia Viva. I would still like to inform you that Fedrigoni also provides interested parties with a Recycled Tool to "measure" the performance of each paper and compare the different compositions of those proposed: 100% Pure cellulose, 60% pure cellulose + 40% Post-consumer waste, 100 % Post-consumer waste. It allows to evaluation its porosity, the degree of whiteness, the resistance to folding and other useful qualities for a designer who must choose which recycled paper is best suited to his project.

The Fedrigoni Group and their commitment to sustainability

After 750 years of history, the Fedrigoni Group is now one of the leaders producing and selling special papers for packaging, printing, graphics and art, and self-adhesive products.
In producing Materia Viva and increasing the offer of products with a high content of recycled material, it has followed its path towards sustainability to reduce its environmental impact, which it has set out to achieve in its entirety by 2030, as reported in its latest Report. of sustainability 2020. 
For the next few years, their goal is to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, improve the management and recovery of our waste to achieve high standards in terms of sustainability. And that they are making significant progress, thanks to their commitment, is demonstrated by the fact that Fedrigoni was recently recognised as a company Gold in sustainability by EcoVadis (international rating agency on sustainability).
“We start with a naturally sustainable raw material, cellulose, which we select from controlled plantations. We add water, which we then return clean downstream of our paper mills. We use energy as little as possible and from as clean sources as possible. We make part of our papers adhesive, together with other materials, trying to choose those that are more easily recyclable, working with customers and suppliers to improve the sustainability of the entire supply chain and eliminate our waste and emissions. " - Fedrigoni. Sustainability Our Commitment

I hope this article has proved interesting and that more and more companies are taking an example from these innovative cases that are investing in less impact on the climate. Join the Labelado Community and stay updated with other articles on the world of packaging!
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