The perfect personalized label is designed with the heart

The label of the heart

We have always known how wine helps creativity and in this case it has never been so true!
Thanks to Enrica Mannari (@enrica_mannari), we dealt with a professional illustrator, the importance of creativity in the design of labels on each product, especially when it comes to wine bottles! In a few lines we wanted to be inspirational for every person who will have to face the fun but difficult creative process of designing a beautiful label!


Personalized labels are a real passion for many and for others a necessity.Imagine a bottle of wine without a label, I think it would even change its taste!

It seems that the need to use personalized labels and information related to the product, was born already in ancient Egypt.In the closure of the amphorae some details were written about place and producer, but it was only with the advent of bottles and cork stoppers that the first label considered "modern" was created: a beautiful parchment paper label titled to the famous monk Pierre Pérignon.

In short, the eye has always wanted its part and the image has always had a strong impact on the perceived of people helping the consumer to make an immediate reading of the product;so why not make the most of their potential?

Here are some tips to design a custom label that won't go unnoticed!


Study the product and its features:

Before starting to think about creativity, start studying the product on which you will have to put your label.The visual element, the type of paper and the processes used must be consistent with the product to be "dressed".I imagined myself working for a winery producing 3 different types of wine: a still white wine, a rough white wine and a prosecco.

Leave a mark:

Is there anything higher, more sacred and indispensable in life than love and nature? Starting from this point I imagined a SACRED HEART, as the main graphic element of my labels, inserted in the context of sea and love!

After having thought and designed my label, I wanted to put it all together by looking for an online printing service that would succeed through the use of quality raw materials and the offer of endless processes to highlight my creations; here is ticked!

With, creating personalized labels is very simple, intuitive and convenient. If they can be done in a thousand ways, using different media and finishes that only a professional print shop can do. Furthermore you can choose a whole series of special options such as gilding and polishing that will make the labels even more precious, special. The service is that of a high-level typography but directly to your home, just a click.

Attention to detail is really great, it is also printed in Pantone colors in hexacromia and digitally with HP Indigo.

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