How to correctly label cosmetics

Would you buy a lipstick without a label? I don’t think so, in fact, nobody would ever buy a cosmetic without a label. No matter how great your cosmetics are until they are labeled correctly. The look and feel that a label creates, can’t be created otherwise.


Believe it or not, labels are the easiest way to create an impression amongst your target customers. Labels play the most important role when it comes to selling cosmetics to the customers.

Correctly labeled cosmetics not only help you brand your products effectively, but also it helps the reviewers to review your brand appropriately. And yes, those reviews matter! Remember there is no second chance for a first impression. And if you seriously want to stand out amidst your competitions you need to focus on right labeling and packaging of your products. If you are also looking for the ways to correctly label your cosmetics, then this post is for you. Here we are discussing the tips to create eye-catching custom cosmetic labels.


1. Labeling Requirements Of Regulatory Bodies

Every country has its own regulatory body that decides the labeling requirements for cosmetics, which each cosmetic company has to adhere to. Like cosmetics in the USA are regulated by the "Food and Drug Administration (FDA)", in Italy it is regulated by the "Ministry of Health (MOH)", likewise it is regulated by respective regulatory bodies of each country. So, the first thing that you need to consider while going ahead with cosmetic labels is adhere to the regulations directed by the regulatory body of your country for the labeling of cosmetics.


Labeling Requirements Of Regulatory Bodies for cosmetic labelsStatement Of Identity of cosmetic labels

2. Statement Of Identity Or Product Identity

The statement of identity or product identity, commonly known as the Principal Display Panel or PDP, is the most important part of your labeling. The statement of identity is actually the name of your product along with the net weight of the product that you mention on the FRONT of the cosmetic package. The statement of identity includes the product name, and then the common name of the product comes (eyeliner, soap, eye cream, etc.). Writing the statement of identity in bold helps you promote your product and make your customers aware about the products.
You can choose to display the statement of identity in the common or fanciful name or with an illustration that shows the intended use of the cosmetic.


Net content cosmetic labelInformation Panel cosmetic label


3. Net Content Or Net Weight

The net content of the cosmetic simply displays the quantity of the product. For your solid or semi-solid products, the net content must be in terms of weight; and for liquid products, the net content must be mentioned in terms of volume. For instance, 8 oz or 3.8g. Make sure you place the net content in the bottom 30% of the front panel. The net content should neither be more than the actual contents nor should it be lesser than the actual contents. Also, make sure that the accurate net content is mentioned.


4. Information panel

Warning Statements cosmetic label

Each cosmetic packaging should have an information panel. Information panel, includes ingredient declaration, manufacturer’s address, and warning statement. All the ingredients should be declared in descending order, which means the ingredient with the highest percentage is listed first, then comes the next highest percentage at number two, etc. However, if your cosmetic contains any kind of drug to treat some problem, then it should be mentioned first before other ingredients along with the name and quantity.

Also, blended ingredients should not be listed as one ingredient; and the component ingredients should be listed individually, based on their percentage in total. Common English names should be used for the ingredients. It helps people to identify the ingredients easily. You can mention the Latin names in parenthesis, if you want; however, they are not required.


5. Warning statements

The Warning statements should necessarily be mentioned on some cosmetics, like deodorant sprays, aerosols cosmetic, products containing alpha hydroxy acids etc. Warning statements are required to prevent any type of health hazard to consumers. As some products contain flammable contents under pressure, like aerosols cosmetics. The warning statements should be mentioned in such a way that it is prominent and easily readable at the time of purchase.


6. Find the right label partner

Once you are done with the above mentioned requirements, you are set to find the right label partner for your cosmetic labels. Having the right label partner can help you have a visually appealing cosmetic label tailored to your brand. For that all you have to do is contact us! We can help you by producing great labels for your cosmetic products



Correctly labeled cosmetics help both you and your customers. You can brand and promote your products the right way, and your customers can make the buying decision based on the correctly placed label or right packaging of the cosmetic.

We can help you from the designing phase to the final production of your cosmetic labels.                          Write us and a member of the staff will support you.