Packaging Trends 2021

Today our packaging experts have prepared a list of trends that will occur in the world of packaging in 2021. If you are the owner of a shop, website or company that markets products, this article will give you the guidelines to follow to get the best result from your packaging in 2021. Let’s see all of them.

1. Small customized runs

Customers are buying more and more online and a packaging trend that is emerging is the personalization of packaging: personalized labels and boxes allow you to create a high-level user experience. This type of approach is particularly well done thanks to marketing campaigns especially on social networks. Take for example the Nutella and Heineken campaign in which each bottle had different colours and graphics.
Creating a creative message to be able to advertise through packaging can also become an interesting means of communication, especially in this era in which digital printing allows short runs with variable data.
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2. E-commerce

E-commerce has now taken hold in all sectors, and if you have not yet put your products online, it is only a matter of time before you put them; since the products are no longer on the shelves, is packaging no longer important? The opposite!
We start from the assumption that online users want to see the product on a "digital" shelf, therefore accompanied by an attractive packaging are photos taken by professionals.
Second, packaging has a protective function and in this era of online sales, transport can put a strain on the strength of our packaging.
Third, the famous "unboxing experience": The customer will receive the product at home, touch it with his hand, put it on the table in front of the family, place it in the bathroom in plain sight, etc. The label and packaging will therefore remain powerful post-sales and affiliation tools with the brand.
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3. Drink and Food Delivery

This tough year has put great pressure on bars and restaurants, many have converted to the world of “Delivery”. This opens up a new hemisphere of packaging for many who are facing it for the first time. A personalized box or a simple label to seal the product, with your logo and brand clearly evident, will be enough to create a good customer experience.
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4. Sustainability

We have been talking about environmental impact for years now, and it is a growing trend. Communicating your packaging as eco-sustainable has become of greater importance.
Be sure to ask your supplier whether or not the materials used in print have an environmental impact and if there are more eco-friendly packaging alternatives.
Insert slogans, descriptions and symbols to explain to the customer how your packaging is eco-sustainable.
Try to make a packaging that uses as few composite materials as possible, for example avoid using plastic windows for your boxes when the box is in cardboard; avoid using paper labels on plastic bottles, making the final product non-recyclable.
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2021 will certainly bring us a new spirit of initiative, packaging and the strategies to exploit it will undoubtedly be part of the process.
The Oppaca team wishes everyone a happy new year, come on!