2021 of Labelado: topics covered

2021 is coming to an end, and with the end of the year, we are always looking at the past months to take stock of what has been, waiting to see what the coming months will have in store for us.
Let's go over together some of the topics covered during this year. We have decided to prepare for you a small summary of the issues we consider most interesting. Each topic corresponds to an article, and for each, we have included a small excerpt and the related link to the complete article. Enjoy the reading!

#01. Pantone Color of the Year 2021

The announcement by Pantone of the colour of the year has become one of the most awaited moments by professional graphic designers and design enthusiasts in general: the shade chosen on the one hand dictates the stylistic trends of the following year. On the other, it is a way to represent a photograph of the moment in which we are living. For this exceptional year, the Pantone of the year is a pair of colours: Ultimate Gray and Illuminating, which carry with them a strong message of hope for 2021.
Please find out how to use it in your labels in this article! Read Read here

#02. Reduce packaging costs

The constant demand for packaging makes this aspect of the business an essential element to work on to save within your supply chain. This article will look at how to reduce packaging costs, save as the primary goal, and use custom packaging to increase profits. And as you will see below, there are many ways to save. But the most effective way to save on the cost of packaging is absurdly not about your packaging at all.

#03. Track21: a beer dedicated to travel

A project for a beer label dedicated to the theme of travel born from the idea of the creative studio BasileADV - Andrea Basile and the type foundry Resistenza - Giuseppe Salerno - this label was born. It has involved and passionate us from the earliest stages and now makes us very proud. In a year in which it was not possible to travel, we did it thanks to Track21!
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#04. Anti-counterfeiting labels

Are you trying to protect your product or brand from counterfeiting? Do you want to create guarantee seals? Anti-counterfeiting labels are ideal for this purpose. In this article, you will find out which types are best suited to your product and any alternative solutions to guarantee its uniqueness and establish lasting relationships of trust with your suppliers and customers.
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#05. Micro-engraving

Many processes can improve the qualitative aspect of our adhesive label or our packaging in the printing world. Still, none of them can ennoble the product like micro-engraving. 
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#06. Environmental label

On 11 September 2020 in Italy, the legislative decree of 3 September 2020, n. 116, which transposes EU Directive 2018/851 on waste, and Directive (EU) 2018/852 on packaging and packaging waste. But what do all these big words mean? This decree-law requires that all packaging be labelled according to the UNI technical standards. These determinations were adopted by the Commission of the European Union to facilitate the collection, reuse, recovery, and recycling of packaging and provide consumers with correct information on the destinations of the packaging.
What does this directive entail? Find out in the full article here



#07. Private Label

In recent years the diffusion of the so-called Private labels has grown more and more. All those products bearing the "X" brand are referred to as products marketed under the private label rather than the manufacturers.
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#08. How to create a strong product line

A product line is a group of products with the same brand or brand belonging to the same company. The brand identity, which is how the company wants to be perceived by its target audience through the logo, the choice of the colour range, the selection of products, etc. it must be present in all the products of the line coherently and uniformly.
In this short article, let's see the graphic elements we need to focus on to create an effective product line in line with your brand identity.
Let's see them in detail

#09. How to design a product to sell

All ideas and projects come from our mind's eye. Product design is very similar to art, and both disciplines have their own sets of conflicts. While artists need to think of something more attractive, product designers need to focus on making it even more practical. Designing a product is challenging as most people are not designers. So, if you are a designer, it is your job to think about their needs.
People don't know what they need, but you need to understand it and create a product that meets their needs. You have to blend imagination and practicality, which also requires considerable skills.
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#10. Interactive Packaging: involving the consumer

A good packaging solution, creative and captivating, contributes significantly to increasing the value of a product. In many cases, it captures the consumer's attention the most and leads him to complete the purchase. Interactive packaging is designed to excite and involve the consumer; the user's curiosity is stimulated, and a sort of emotional connection between the consumer and the product is created, which takes the form of the ability to "entertain" the customer and invite him to interact actively with the interactive packaging.
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#11. Variable Data Printing: study and print file preparation

Bringing personalization to printed products such as labels or flexible packaging is becoming a trend that many well-known brands, start-ups and e-commerce brands are starting to adopt. But how is it possible to customize the labels of your products? The answer lies in variable data printing (also known as VDP). The design of a variable data print file is not highly complicated, and however, it must be correctly thought out. This article explains how to prepare a graphic file for the VDP.
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#12. Materia Viva Fedrigoni: sustainable quality papers

Being “green” and sustainable has become a priority for several brands and many consumers. Consumer demand is increasingly oriented towards companies that focus on sustainable products.
In this, Fedrigoni hit the mark. A leading group producing unique papers and self-adhesive materials has recently presented a new line of high-quality, sustainable papers made almost entirely with recycled material and natural fibres as alternatives to cellulose.
We are talking about Materia Viva, the latest collection proposed at the Packaging Premiére in Milan, held last October.
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#13 “Original Graphic Novel” Della Granda Brewery

Original Graphic Novel is the name of this beer presented by the “Della Granda Brewery” on the occasion of the 2021 edition of Lucca Comics. A beer produced with a unique and collectable label, which tells the story of the GIRLS in instalments, some fantastic characters created ad hoc by the Brewery and previously used for the communication and packaging of their beers. It is a truly compelling story in the form of a comic to find out who the GIRLS are and how they met, which unfolds in 48 cartoons, applied randomly on each can.
Thanks to digital printing with Hp Indigo 6800 and variable data printing with Hp SmartStream Designer, Della Granda Brewery has made a usual niche product, such as a collector's or limited edition, more accessible and exciting.
Are you interested in the project? Learn more about the topic here



#14. Post-Covid Packaging: post-pandemic trends

None of us could have imagined how much the Covid-19 pandemic would affect our lives, and even the packaging sector, like many others, has seen new trends emerge. Packaging has been re-evaluated as a tool to ensure consumer safety and present the product's characteristics, but also as a means of instilling positivity, expressing the brand's attention to sustainability issues.
What is the consumer looking for in post-Covid packaging? Find out with the full article


#15. Christmas special: marketing and packaging ideas

At the end of the year, the Christmas spirit is felt more and more, and in this, the Christmas packaging plays its part. The most magical and traditional month and the ideal time to implement a series of marketing activities since, in many cases, it represents the moment of highest turnover for a company and for this reason knowing how to make the most of it is essential.
Creating Christmas packaging with a unique and quality design is always an effective way to promote your business or make your brand or product known.
Design your own personalized Christmas packaging. Read here

These are just some of the topics covered during this year! We have tried to summarize them in this article, so in case you missed any you can get them back during the Christmas break.
What can I say, happy reading! The Labelado Team wishes everyone a happy new year.