Oppaca's best blog of the year 2022


2022 is coming to an end, and with the year approaching, we always look back to the past months to take stock of what has been, waiting to see what the coming months have in store for us.


Let's retrace together some of the year's best blog; we thought we'd prepare a small summary of the topics covered during Oppaca 2022. Each case corresponds to an article, and we have included a small excerpt and the relative link to the complete article. Enjoy the reading!

#01.  Viva Magenta: the Pantone Color of the Year of 2023

#02.  CMYK colour method and printing: a guide for designers

#03.  Offset printing: everything you need to know

#04.  7 Packaging Design Trends for il 2022

#05.  Invisible inks: little hidden secrets

#06.  Convert to vector in Photoshop: the tutorial!

#07.  Most common errors of print files and how to avoid them

#08.  Holographic Foil Printing: what is it, and how does it work?

#09.  Best 5 websites to find mockups for free

#10.  Custom Stickers Scratch and Sniff

#11.  6 Step: find new customers thanks to brand awareness

#12.  Reusable Packaging: design, creativity and sustainability


#01.  Viva Magenta: the Pantone Color of the Year of 2023

Punctual as every year, the Pantone Color Institute has elected the trend colour for the coming year. Which? The 18-1750 translation takes the name of Viva Magenta. So here is the 2023 Pantone Color of the Year, a shade of crimson red in perfect balance between hot and cold, powerful and stimulating, with a bold spirit and an expressive tone that offers a new signal of strength. Let's find out its meaning and how to best use it in a project. Welcome to the #Magentaverse.

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#02.  CMYK colour method and printing: a guide for designers

Knowing how to manage colour is perhaps one of the most complex but fascinating aspects for those involved in graphic design, and it is also one of those skills that every designer should have. Therefore, it seems fitting to talk about the "colour method" and, particularly, CMYK for printing.

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#03.  Offset printing: everything you need to know

If you have approached the world of printing and typography out of necessity or out of interest, you will surely have heard of offset printing, but most likely, you are not entirely clear on what it is or how it works. Yet, offset printing is still one of the most popular printing methods in the printing industry today. It applies to a diverse range of products and always guarantees a remarkable quality, thanks to the high-resolution results it can provide.

We reveal everything in this article!


#04.  7 Packaging Design Trends for 2022

The design world constantly evolves and always tries to keep up with the latest style and trends. We intend to offer you an overview of the year to come, trying to identify what could be the new style trends. So let's explore together the main packaging design trends for 2022!

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#05.  Invisible inks: little hidden secrets

Are you about to put your luxury product on the market, and are you afraid of counterfeiting? Are you looking for an innovative idea to leave everyone speechless? Either way, you're in the right place because Oppaca has the solution for you: invisible inks. Hide designs, messages and codes inside your labels that are impossible to see with the naked eye thanks to these unique pigments visible only under ultraviolet light. A special process that uses UV radiation fluorescent inks for printing can only be detected with Wood's lamp.

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#06. Convert to vector in Photoshop: the tutorial!

Adobe Photoshop is the most popular photo editing software among professionals and non-professionals. It's not explicitly designed to work with vector graphics because Adobe Illustrator is for that, but it too offers a way to vectorise an image. Converting an image into a vector or digitally redrawing it is never simple; it takes time, patience, and familiarity with the software. The best choice to do an excellent job in these cases is to proceed one step at a time; with a few little tricks, we assure you it won't take long.

Let's see together what the steps are to do it. Here is the tutorial!



#07.  Most common errors of print files and how to avoid them

The study of graphic design is a complex and delicate creative process but preparing the executive that will go to press is still another matter. Knowing how to correctly examine a file from the point of view of pre-press can be very useful to avoid incurring unpleasant misunderstandings during the printing phase. To help you with this, we at Oppaca have thought of revealing the most common errors we encounter in print files.

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#08. Holographic Foil Printing: what is it, and how does it work?

A holographic print is a two-dimensional representation which produces a three-dimensional effect when hit by light. With this article, we want to take you on an inspiring journey into the future of packaging decoration. This original and captivating "rainbow" printing technique creates a futuristic effect and represents an opportunity to capture the spirit of the time and keep up with current trends.

Let's see what it is about in detail.



#09.  Best 5 websites to find mockups for free

Mockups are a great tool to present your projects at their best and make your work more professional, saving time and energy. We have selected a few websites where you can find thousands of free and quality mockup templates of all kinds. The web is full of customisable templates, but many sites offer them, and a thorough search requires time and patience. Here is a list of the five best websites to find quality and free mockups.

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#10.  Stickers Scratch and Sniff: what are scratch and sniff stickers custom?

The smell is a powerful and evocative sense because it can awaken memories and emotions through a particular smell. This is precisely the goal of scratch-and-sniff stickers, i.e. those labels that release a specific scent when rubbed.

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#11. 6 Step: find new customers thanks to brand awareness

If you are in the trade, you know how difficult it is to find new customers. Yet, customers are the lifeblood of any business; learning how to find new ones and the right strategies is essential. Cultivating brand awareness of your brand to evolve into a recognisable phenomenon is a great way to attract new customers. In this article, we see what it is and what are the necessary steps to increase your notoriety and get results!

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#12. Reusable Packaging: design, creativity and sustainability

Packaging, in its many forms, produces an enormous amount of paper and plastic waste. The use of more sustainable packaging is now becoming a necessity for both brands and consumers, who are increasingly aware of the need to reduce waste and the use of plastic.

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Even for us at Oppaca, 2022 is now coming to an end, and we wanted to end it like this with a summary of the best blog of the year. These are just some of the topics we covered together; we have tried to summarise them in this article, so in case you missed any, you can retrieve them during the Christmas break. Enjoy the reading! The Oppaca Team wishes you a happy new year.