Anti-counterfeiting labels. What are they?

Are you trying to protect your product or brand from counterfeiting? Do you want to create guarantee seals? Has an institution asked you to include anti-burglary systems inside your products?
Anti-counterfeiting labels are ideal for these purposes, below you will find out briefly which types are most suitable for your product and any alternative solutions to guarantee your product its uniqueness and establish lasting relationships of trust with your suppliers and customers.


Potential Applications

Anti-counterfeiting labels are especially suitable for sectors such as:
- Wine and Spirits
- Beauty and Fragrances
- Specialty Foods
- Design Complements
- High Tech Components
- Jewelry and Watches
- Fashion Accessories
- Boutique Cigars
- Electronic Devices
- Deluxe Appliances
- Pharmaceuticals
- Luxury Footwear
- Luxury Clothing
The applications are truly manifold. The goal is always the same: to protect your precious product from counterfeiting or tampering.

Types of anti-counterfeiting labels

Among the main categories of anti-counterfeiting labels we find:
- Tear-away labels: These anti-counterfeiting labels, both in coated paper and in plastic, once applied anyone who tries to lift them will damage them irreparably
- Void labels: these anti-counterfeiting labels, exclusively in plastic, once applied anyone who tries to remove them will irretrievably separate the two components or the adhesive part with the wording "void" that will remain attached to the support and the scrap that will remain attached to the label (there are also versions in which other guarantee words are written instead of "void")
- Holographic Labels: these anti-counterfeiting labels are customized according to the customer's taste, special materials that the parent company engraves with lasers in order to create holographic effects that are difficult to reproduce by those who do not own the extremely expensive equipment used in the process.
- RFID labels: this type of anti-counterfeiting label contains an antenna inside which, properly programmed, can allow it to be picked up by security systems and allow an anti-theft system inside the label
- NFC labels: As for RFID, these anti-counterfeiting labels contain an antenna and in addition to that also a microchip that contains a program. This type of label allows data to be saved and recorded during product handling and transport.
If you need anti-counterfeiting labels, we recommend you to consult a packaging and label expert to choose the best application based on the type of counterfeiting you are trying to avoid! Contact us to find out more.