What are scratch and sniff stickers custom?

The smell is a powerful and evocative sense because it can awaken memories and emotions through a particular smell. This is precisely the goal of scratch and sniff stickers custom, that is, those labels that release a specific scent when rubbed. Let's see together what they are and how they are made!

Composition and production

At the starting point of the scratch and sniff stickers custom, there is a standard adhesive label, to which a special paint consisting of:
- a liquid carrier such as a water-based ink;
- a previously microencapsulated perfume component.


Special varnish is part of a new generation of scented inks, which allows the production of scratch and sniff stickers custom, but let's go into detail and discover how they are produced and why they can be activated through touch.
First of all, it must be said that the conformation of this paint allows you to choose how it is made to take root; the recommended printing methods are mainly two: flexo printing and screen printing. This part concerns the first component mentioned above, the liquid carrier; the perfumed feature must be added.
The latter is previously "microencapsulated", or the chosen compound of aromatic oils is trapped in microscopic capsules. Micro-encapsulation is a process that consists of coating minute droplets of liquids or gas bubbles with a thin film, usually made up of natural or synthetic polymers, to form microcapsules to preserve a substance. This protective veil allows the perfume to remain stable until the moment of breaking or when pressure is exerted by rubbing the label. When these microcapsules are "scratched", they die and release the chosen fragrance.
The perfumes can be chosen from a standard library, where you can find the most traditional and used ones, from vanilla to rose. Still, you can customise perfumes by agreeing with the scratch and sniff stickers custom supplier. Just provide the oily variant of the fragrance to microencapsulate it and add it to the paint!

How and why use them?

Scratch and sniff stickers custom are used to inspire consumers to try products. It means offering its audience a multisensory and interactive packaging experience for a brand. With these touch-activated technologies, packaging can be made alternative and original. How and why use them?
The senses are a very powerful tool, because if well exploited they help to excite the user by creating a sort of bond with him, which is fundamental, since it is well known that most purchases take place on an emotional and not rational basis. The more the consumer feels involved, the more he will remain in some way linked to the experience lived with the product and, therefore, with the brand.
The scratch and sniff stickers custom are part of those packaging that can be defined as "multisensory". All those packages try to stimulate several senses simultaneously to strike the consumer and invite him to approach it. They can be defined as multisensory because several senses are used to interact with them, two specifically: touch, necessary to "activate" the labels by rubbing them, and smell, recalled by the scent that they give off.
I hope you enjoyed this article on scratch and sniff stickers custom! If you have a job in mind for your brand and are interested in this type of "special" label, do not hesitate to contact us, our team will be happy to help you and contribute to your project! Until next time, with other curiosities about the world of printing, packaging and graphic design.