Font from Image - 9 methods for recognizing fonts

Some types of fonts are very distinguishable, but no font carries a signature with it! You will surely have come across a very interesting and original font that you would have liked to use for some project. But how can you find it online?
Fortunately, the technology is quite advanced and it is no longer necessary to try to find the same font or more similar to the one we are looking for.
There are font tracing systems, which can start from a simple image (jpg type) and compare it to their internal database showing the closest font or best-match.
Therefore in this article, I will reveal all the most beneficial tools for recognising fonts through image!


This program is a highly recommended tool. Its operation requires you to load a clear image of a font (you can get it with a tool like Greenshot or simply by cropping it from a screenshot).
The program is strict and requires precise cropping of the image in which there is a font. Started the search Fontidentifier will show all the related fonts and similar to the one we were looking for, advising where to find and download the searched fonts both for free and for a fee.


If you are interested in recognizing a font starting from a jpg, is the site for you. You need to know in advance that there are rules to follow, you need to make sure that:
- The height of the letters must be 100 px
- The image must be as horizontal as possible
- The letters cannot be touched, and the characters must be well spaced
- Avoid images that are too blurry due to magnification
The software will then load several similar fonts on the screen to choose the most suitable one. If the result is not satisfactory, you can still go to the site's forum, where typography experts will manually search for the font you wanted to use!


Likefont is functional. As with other sites Likefont allows you to upload an image and search for all fonts that resemble it. Once the search is activated you will be presented with a series of related font searches that resemble the font of your sample image, complete with percentages indicating the degree of match. This system also allows you to recognize characters in Asian languages.


Whatfontis is an outstanding tool for online font recognition. Just sign up to be sent to a page where you can upload an image in which there is an inscription in a certain font that interests you.
The interesting part is that Whatfontis allows you to download it as a Chrome extension, and also will enable you to recognize, as well as with an image, the fonts present on a website given a url.


Reddit, for those unfamiliar with it, is one of the largest forum and news sites in the world; you can find everything, and for this reason I want to present it in this guide to search for fonts by image as there are various groups and pages dedicated to searching for fonts and about typography.
To do this, simply subscribe to one of the appropriate groups on Reddit, read their rules carefully, and then post the image whose font you want to extrapolate. A host of font geeks and experts will arm themselves with patience to help you out for free!
One of the most interesting channels on reddit for this purpose is which with almost 100,000 subscribers boasts a good repertoire of font experts and interested in the world of typography!


Quora is a bit like Reddit, Quora is also a jam-packed site. When uploading an image to recognize a font on one of the automated sites doesn't work, Quora is one of the first places to post its picture and wait for a response or advice from a font expert.

Font Matcherator

Font Matcherator allows you to upload different types of images, logos, and screenshots, enabling the site to search for fonts similar to what you are looking for.

Identificare un font con Photoshop

Haven't you had great satisfaction using online font search systems? If you want a pro solution, let's talk about how to recognize a font using Photoshop. This function is basic and integrated in the latest versions of the program.
Import the image containing the font you want to search for into Photoshop. At this point open the text menu and look for the item "Find similar font". At this point, if necessary, try to frame the word precisely to allow the program to do a more exhaustive search.
At this point, you will be shown a list of fonts similar to the scanned one among which you can choose to download if they are available in the Adobe library.


Fontedge is another automatic font recognition system from an image, highly recommended. Also in this case just arm yourself with a jpg or a screenshot, load it and the program will search for the most similar fonts for us.

BONUS ! - Greenshot

Many of these online font recognition methods require you to take precise images or screenshots of some words containing the font in question. Personally, I often use Greenshot, a free program for Windows to create a macro that, with a simple button, allows you to select a precise area of the screen (even with a magnifying glass). The image can then be migrated and copied into any graphics program!
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