Elegant fonts for your labels

A font communicates much more than the simple text: in a relatively small space such as that of a label, product information is indeed conveyed by graphic elements that communicate customers brand values and the quality of the products. For children’s product it is therefore suggested to use a playful font and colourful design, for a modern and innovative product will fall on trendy graphic and serif font while a premium product will surely be enhanced by one among the many elegant fonts at disposal of graphic designers… let’s see together how to use them!

Calligraphic fonts for a timeless elegance

Fonts may roughly be grouped into three main categories: serif, sans serif and script. The latter simulates handwriting in every aspect and represents the most creative category. There are indeed girlish fonts, childish fonts and – of course – elegant fonts that reminds of the ancient calligraphy art: among the elegant fonts in free download we suggest Hamiltone, Beautiful Heart and Argentina, refined fonts with long letters whose final strokes ends with graceful twirls.
These script characters are highly decorative and surely manage to give the right mood to an elegant label. However – just because of their visual importance, it is recommended to use them when the label design is clean and linear and never together with equally important design: the risk is to obtain a confusing label or, even worse, a kitsch effect. For the same reason and in the sake of readability it is highly suggestable to use calligraphic fonts only for crucial information such as brand or product name, pairing them with a simpler font to use for secondary information.
Calligraphic fonts

Serif fonts: elegance meets simplicity

When a label is characterized by an important graphic design, it is therefore recommended to use a simple yet elegant font: serif fonts perfectly suit this need. Bodoni, Didot and Garamond are perfect example of fonts with a simple and measured elegance that pairs with different graphic styles.
For a real premium effect, it is also possible to create labels with a simple design where elegant serif fonts are enhanced by an ennoblements like the gold hot foil. The combination of linearity and precious touch will definitely give an idea of “less is more” sophistication.
Last but not least, serif fonts can be used with a calligraphic font to add further information on the label.
Serif font
Now that you know everything about elegant fonts for your labels, discover how to best use colours!