How to create easily removable wine labels?

Have you decided to reuse the glass bottle that contains your wine but it seems impossible to remove the label without leaving traces? Have you ever had to apply a temporary label only for bureaucratic reasons, for example to ship your product but then want to remove the label as soon as the product passes customs? Has your company decided to allow the return of empty wine bottles for reuse?

In this short article we will show you how to create easily removable wine labels and what options are available on the market. Read to the end of the article and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.
You will surely have noticed how difficult or simply long the process of removing a wine label is! This is because the adhesives commonly used for wine bottles are equipped with very strong glues that allow the wine label to remain permanently attached to the bottle. However, there are several solutions that will allow you to have removable wine labels for any use you need to do with them! Let's see some examples.

Heat-removable wine labels

These types of removable wine labels, generally made on coated paper, have a special glue that remains tough at temperatures below 25 degrees: This means that if the labeled wine bottle is placed in hot water above this temperature, the glue will tend to dissolve very easily thus ensuring the easy removal of the wine label.
It is therefore recommended, if the operation is carried out manually, to place the wine bottles in a basin or tub with hot water inside, possibly maintaining a constant flow of water at the same temperature.
Since this procedure requires heat that could damage the wine contained inside the bottle, it is recommended to use this method of removing the label only if the wine bottle is empty. The choice of a heat-removable wine label is in fact suitable for those wineries that offer the return service of empty bottles. In fact, these companies undertake to collect the bottles of wine after consumption at customers and restaurants in order to be able to wash them thoroughly for their reuse. The removable wine label is therefore removed and the wine bottle is refilled and relabeled.
The positive thing is that these removable wine labels are produced on papers even resistant to humidity and cold, and therefore suitable for storing the product in the refrigerator. Therefore, your wines that must be kept in the fridge will still be able to keep their characteristics! The heat-removable wine label will always come off easily only with the use of hot water.

Manually peelable wine labels

These removable wine labels have a specific adhesive that allows the label, raised from one of its ends, to be removed manually  easily by an operator.

These labels come in handy where it is not possible to use removable wine labels that require hot water.
These labels are perfect in case your wine needs to be packaged in one way and then labeled in another. For example, in order to pass customs, the wine must be labeled with its data and this label is not always aesthetically beautiful on the wine bottle. At this point, a simple peelable wine label with the required data printed in black can be an economical solution.
Once the product has been received, simply equip yourself with an object with a fine tip (a knife with a rounded tip can be fine) and remove the removable wine label starting from one end.
Since ther will be a physical effort while removing of the label, it is strongly recommended to choose a plastic material so that it is resistant to tearing.

The cost of producing removable wine labels

Now a spontaneous question arises… but how much will it cost to produce these removable wine labels? Despite using very special materials and adhesives, these types of adhesive wine labels are very cheap. In fact, the cost is the same as printing similar labels produced on traditional coated papers or plastic materials.
If you need easily removable wine labels, the solutions listed above will be for you!
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