Cheese Bra Food Festival

"There is no love more sincere than that for food" (George Bernard Shaw - Irish writer).


How much truth is contained in a simple quote; if there is one thing that makes me proud of being Italian, it is food! If we talk about food, Italy is a real gold mine. Today we would like to celebrate Italy and its specialities and tell you some curiosities about the largest international event dedicated to cheeses. We are talking about "Cheese", a food festival took place every two years in Piedmont's town of Bra.



I think we will make your mouth water. Get ready and "enjoy your meal".

In the town of Bra set in Piedmont, this event takes place every two years. It is organized by Slow Food Italy and the City of Bra and it is dedicated to raw milk cheeses and their producers from worldwide. The festival is extended for the whole city; in the various streets and squares, there are stands where the producers of cheeses and other products with which they are well-matched exhibit their products of the highest quality. You can find honey, sauces, jams and furthermore.

The producers

The exhibiting producers are all more than willing to let their products be tested, and between one tasting and another, they tell their story to visitors. These are mostly family-run companies, whose production techniques are handed down from generation to generation!
All the cheeses at the fair can also be bought directly from those who produce them. Recently many producers have equipped themselves with a website, so you can also contact them at a later time and/or order online everything you liked, from the comfort of your home.

Consider the animals

This year's edition of the event was dedicated to animals. In fact, it was held paying attention to the topic of animal welfare and adequate nutrition for dairy animals. We find this issue very important to be aware of how these farm animals are or should be treated by their breeders and how they are fed.
" If there were no animals, there would be no cheese and there wouldn't be much else": this is the thread of Cheese 2021. It can be well summed in the claim " Consider the animals", which accompanied the event in the days of fair.

Not only cheese...

The undisputed protagonist of the fair is certainly cheese in all its nuances. Parmesan, Raschera, Toma, Pecorino, Castelmagno, Gorgonzola, Gruyere, Mozzarella, Provola, Ricotta and much more, whoever has more and more, any type of fresh, aged or blue cheese. There is something for all tastes, from delicate to spicy, from salty to sweet.
There are also other products such as sweets. Italian chocolatiers and confectioners come together to promote their products: fine chocolates, creams, crunchy dried fruits caramelized or covered in chocolate.

The fair is planned for everyone, there are attractions for children and families such as live animals and games dedicated to the discovery of cheese and its production, but also attractions for young and adult people such as food trucks and stands reserved for Made in Italy craft beer.
A special mention goes to beer. The master brewers have excited and cheered up the days of visitors who, between one taste and another of cheese, allowed to enjoy excellent craft beer. The world of microbreweries is a recent world in Italy but in continuous growth. I find that all these local beer producers have become champions, the quality of their products is now very high.

Our little tour through the Cheesefood festival and the infinite delicacies it can offer is over. See you again in 2023 !! Meanwhile, if you are a food or beer producer, or a designer, we leave you some advice to embellish and customize your packaging.
If you are interested and you want to learn more about it, here you can find the video of the event.
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