Generic or customized wine PVC capsules, which ones to choose?

Polylaminate or PVC capsules for bottles of wine, sparkling wines, oil and spirits. Let's find the differences between what is defined as generic wine capsules and customized wine capsules. If you are a wine, oil or spirits producer, this is the article for you!
The wine PVC capsules are those elements found in the upper part of the bottleneck. Today, the capsule has two main functions. The first is fundamentally aesthetic, to make the bottle more attractive and help consumers identify a particular brand since it accompanies the label, effectively becoming something characteristic of the product. The second function is protection. The wine capsules protect the neck of the bottle and the cork from dust, deterioration or drying; serve to slow down the passage of gas between the contents of the bottle and the air, as well as ensuring that the bottle has never been opened.

Let's be clear. There are different wine PVC capsules in different materials and with other characteristics. Those treated by the Labelado Team are the standard generic capsules ((29,7x55mm) and the customized capsules for still or sparkling wines.
The wine PVC capsules are printable, in any colour or Pantone. Wine PVC capsules can be printed in different colours, starting from a silver base, depending on how many layers of colour are completed. However, customized capsules have a higher cost, but they require significantly higher minimum order quantities than generic ones. It starts from 10,000 to 20,000 pieces depending on the colour needed or capsule type. All the types of processing listed above can be used, both on the head and the wall: from the foil to the thickened paint, to the dry relief, especially at the top of the capsule.
You may be thinking, "All very interesting, but how do I choose the type of wine capsules for my production?" We will respond immediately by explaining the differences between standard generic capsules and capsules for sparkling wines.

Standard generic wine PVC capsules

If you are a small producer, we give you the possibility to receive standard generic capsules (still wines), with a classic shape (29.7x55mm), that is the format that can be used on any wine bottle: borderless, borgognotta, albeisa, etc.
These generic wine capsules can already be found in different colours, from classic black to more particular colours. This type of generic capsule can also be ordered in small quantities starting from 100 pieces, which is why they are perfect for small productions.
The available colours are as follows:
▸Matt black
▸Black satin
▸Ruby red
▸ Red Pompeii
▸ Cyan
▸Cobalt blue
▸Green seaweed
▸Gold forint

Customized wine PVC capsules

Suppose you are a medium-small producer; you could consider purchasing a customized capsule. But be careful. We advise you to study it to produce a capsule with your logo and a specific colour, which, however, works well for all the lines of your products so that you can place a single order to meet the minimum quantities required.
On the other hand, if you are a prominent manufacturer, you will indeed have more availability to customize your capsules based on the product. Here you can indulge yourself. You can choose to match the capsule to the colours of your graphics or recall some details on it too, or insert your logo, perhaps using some particular processing such as foil or relief.
As for sparkling wines, it all depends on the bottle. The length of the capsule is variable. Therefore it is challenging to produce a generic capsule, and for this reason, the only ones we deal with are the capsules for personalized sparkling wines, which is why what was said above is valid.

I hope this short guide on generic wine PVC capsules and customized wine PVC capsules will be helpful. If you need more information, we at Labelado can answer your questions! And remember, if you need to touch these generic capsules first hand to see if they are right for you, you can always ask us for a sample.