Labels to be printed for food delivery

2020 was the year of home delivery. Despite many difficulties, during the lockdown many businesses, such as restaurants, pubs and stores, have decided  to take this opportunity. Home delivery, which is widespread especially in the food sector, was not perceived as an enemy, but rather proved to be a valuable ally in such a difficult time. But how to ensure consumer safety and at the same time an experience worthy for your company?
Bar managers and restaurants, who do not want to be cut off from the market, should first of all ensure safety to their customers. According to the research "Food Delivery At the Time of Coronavirus" by the FIPE, one in four customers does not order delivery food for fear of contagion. To eliminate this fear and increase loyal customers it is therefore necessary to introduce seal labels.
Seal labels


Labels to print as security seals

So many businesses are facing some economic problems. Why do you have to think about some labels to print? It is important to ensure to your customer that the food arrives intact. In fact, during the journey, food is subjected to shocks, jolts and temperature variations that risk altering its taste. To avoid this damage, you must pay close attention to the packaging. Labels to print as security seals are so important.
These labels can contain informations about the ingredients, the restaurant data, and possibly a message dedicated to the customer. This will certainly make the food delivery experience memorable. Don't forget to use your brand! Personalize envelopes or boxes all the time. Your succulent dishes will disappear from the table in a matter of minutes, but the brand will remain on the packaging and, consequently, in your customer's mind.
In addition, the seal labels also have a tamper proof function. Whether they are wrapping or small labels placed on all sides of the box, it is important that they highlight any violation. Paper labels are perfect for this purpose as they tear easily if anyone tries to remove them. It is also very important to define the kind of material for the labels to be printed according to the food packaging. A glossy o matte paper is perfect if you want to give to your paper boxes a modern look. If, on the other hand, you prefer a Kraft box, the natural paper is perfect for you.
Labels for delivery

Labels to print and technology

To guarantee your customers an even higher level of safety, you can also use a little bit of technology to certify the origin of all the ingredients used in your dish and the processing methods. We want to mention a very interesting italian app called Authentico. With this app you can put an adhesive label on each box with a QR Code on it, which is a guarantee seal that contains all the informations about the origin of the ingredients used for preparation. The customer, who scans the code with his smartphone, will be able to verify compliance with the food hygiene practices and consume in complete safety. For now, this app is on test phase.
You can even include in your delivery a set of cutlery (or chopsticks) and some napkins, which will be a little attention to the customer that will undoubtedly be appreciated. These accessories must be well sealed and branded with small labels to be printed.
The labels to be printed are therefore a valid proposal for restaurants and bars that have decided to push themselves in the delivery. It is important to make your brand stand out and take care of the aesthetic part but above all of the customer's safety. A safe and satisfied customer is certainly a customer who will easily become loyal to the service.