What is micro-engraving in the world of printing?

In the world of printing there are many processes that can improve the qualitative aspect of our adhesive label or our packaging, but they are not able to ennoble the product such as micro-engraving.

What is meant by micro-engraving of labels and packaging?

By micro-engraving we mean that printing process, characterized by hot stamping clichés (or hot stamping and embossing clichés at the same time) that are developed and engraved with a very fine texture of lines and dots. When we go to heat the cliché and imprint it on our sheet or on our reel, the hot foil will be transferred and the graphics of our cliché will be transferred to the paper, keeping those lines, points or other geometric shapes that were previously engraved.
The result is a reproduction of a foil that has much more life than a normal foil, with optical refraction and plays of light - shadow given by the angle in which we will have reproduced the image.
The H + M “Navigator” Sample Book allows us to have a wide spectrum of observation of multiple effects that we can obtain thanks to an intelligent preparation of our hot foil punch. Since some textures are particularly complex, it is not necessary to start from scratch, but by providing them with the specific example code and indicating, when sending the punch file, the area in which we want this effect to be reproduced.
Micro-embossing Track21

Nanoengraving (Nanoembossing)

It is also necessary to mention the existence of Nanoembossing, as well as the extreme version of micro-engraving, in which the details are reproduced even more finely by the company that produces the punches for hot foil.
This process allows you to create even more pronounced light-shadow effects, sand and satin effects, photorealistic effects, lenticular effects, authenticity marks, glossy - matte transitions and gradients.
The value of this process is particularly interesting when it comes to authenticity marks, to give the product an immediate premium effect and a greater appreciation and perception of the company's positioning.
A preliminary analysis phase must allow a correct preparation of the micro-engraving punch, but if you have decided to print with the Labelado team, we can do this for you!
Micro-embossing Track21

Ours advices on Micro-engraving and Nano-engraving

Below you will find a list of experience tips that we at the Labelado team offer you!
  • Try to vary the design, the most beautiful part of the micro-engraving is precisely in the light-shadow effects that are created
  • Think in terms of texture and perspective, see the image you are going to create as a three-dimensional element that wants to try to get out of paper
  • Since it is a hot process with particularly fine details, it is strictly not recommended to print in micro-engraving and nano-engraving on plastic materials! We therefore recommend printing on natural papers, coated papers etc.
  • If a glossy foil is used to print the effect, if you have decided to include very fine micro-engraving or nano-engraving elements in some sections, you can create satin or opaque effects to be combined with areas where you will leave the plate flat, which will therefore remain shiny
  • There are no real limits in the choice of the foil to use, however we recommend using slightly lighter foils, possibly avoiding black and brown or very dark colors, as this would reduce the pleasant light-shadow effects of the micro-engraving

Costs of realization

There is an initial cost of making the hot foil punch for both micro-etching and nano-etching; however the rest of the process costs similar to traditional hot stamping.
Precisely for this reason I highly recommend trying the experience of micro-engraving and nano-engraving on your own adhesive labels or on your packaging (product boxes for example), to give three-dimensionality and make your product premium!
Too often we see around the usual hot stamping foils, flat and lifeless, it is enough to be joined by your trusted designer and to a professional printer who knows the properties and ennobles that can be obtained with these micro-engraved hot foils!
Micro-engraving punch
Contact us for more information and we will be happy to help you embellish your adhesive labels and your packaging!